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Whether you are a private contractor, or small business owner, there’s seldom such a thing as a simple tax return. At Elevation CPA, we complete an intensive into your income streams, age as well as consider a number of other categories, to ensure that your income tax is deferred or reduced, helping you to plan for the future. Tax rules are constantly changing, and we’re at the forefront of those constant changes which can directly correlate to considerable savings.

We also offer Estate Planning...

Estate Planning 

Not only for the super-rich, estate planning enables you to ensure your assets including savings, real estate holdings, and myriad other items of value that are included in your estate are dispersed per your wishes. It’s not something you want to procrastinate on, but many clients are overwhelmed about where to start or what it entails, and we’d be happy to guide you through that. At Elevation CPA, our team can help you navigate the tax implications for your estate, ensuring that you have a solid plan to distribute your assets according to your wishes, whether in life or death.

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